For those of you new to WordPress, a plugin is essentially software that can be uploaded to your website to add to the functionality of it. Most are free with premium upgrades available, and they can be easily added, moved, or removed within minutes.

Corey Katir continued: We don’t claim the following list to be “the best” plugins, or the results of exhaustive research. But instead, over the years of building WordPress websites and experimenting with countless plugins, these are the ones that we return to over and over again. We do not have relationships with the makers of these plugins, and do benefit financially or otherwise by including them in our list. They are ordered alphabetically.

Our 13 or More Favorite WordPress Plugins

1. AA’s Digg Digg Alternative: This plugin creates a floating sidebar allowing visitors to easily share your content to their favorite social media sites. It can be seen hovering to the left of this blog post – feel free to try it out.

2. Facebook Members: This one of course is dependent on the business and their target audience. It is good for those businesses interested in Facebook Marketing. It displays images of some of the people that have “Liked” your page, and allows visitors to your website or blog to easily “Like” your Facebook Page. Again – visible on in the right-hand side of this blog post and ready for a test drive (you may have to scroll up to see it)!

3. Fancier Author Box: Displays a customizable author picture and bio on your posts (or pages). See the author box below this post.

4. MaxButtons: Allows you to create custom buttons (call-to-actions) for your website. Easily change color, text, link, size and shape of your buttons.

MaxButtons WordPress Plugin

MaxButtons WordPress Plugin

5. Ninja Forms: I tried several plugins for creating forms before finally finding Ninja Forms. It allows for detailed customization, multiple forms, and looks good. A short code is created and you can paste it on your page.

6. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler): This plugin is a little different in that it tests your other plugins. Site loading speed has become a factor in SEO, and plugins can slow your loading speed down. This plugin allows you to test your plugins to see how long they are taking to load and what impact they are having on your overall load time. We recently found that the popular JetPack plugin was slowing down a client’s site too much and ended up removing it.

P3 WordPress Plugin

P3 WordPress Plugin

Mr. Katir said: As you can see, on this test site, there are too many plugins, and it took far too long to load.

7. Simple Social Icons: This plugin allows your visitors to connect with you on your Social Media platforms. There are countless plugins that allow for this, but we like SSI because the color, size, and even the shape (square, oval, round) can be customized or branded for your site. The social share icons on in the header of this page are through the SSI plugin, as are the ones demonstrated below.

Simple Social Icons WordPress Plugin

8. Triberr: Obviously only beneficial to members of Triberr, but if you’re not a member, you should seriously consider joining (free). If your not familiar with Triberr, it is a blog sharing platform. This plugin allows you to integrate your blog with triberr for easy sending and sharing of posts, comments and guest posts.

9. W3 Cache: Improves site speed and therefore user experience and possibly search rankings. Although it is not necessary (or approved) with our host WP Engine, we still occasionally work with WordPress sites hosted elsewhere. In those cases, adding W3 is automatic.

10. WordPress SEO by Yoast: This plugin is very popular with WordPress users and is the best SEO plugin available. It provides feedback and guidance on how to improve your on-page SEO for your web pages and blog posts.

SEO WordPress Plugin

The plugin will also provide feedback on what you can change to improve your optimization.

SEO by Yoast Plugin

Plugins can be a lot of fun, and looking for them may have you feeling a little like a kid in a candy store, however use caution as too many (or the wrong ones) can negatively affect your website’s performance (and SEO), and in some cases, open your website up to the possibility of attacks by hackers or viruses.

Social Media Acoording To Corey Katir

Traffic is indeed the lifeblood of every website on the internet. Without adequate traffic, all you have is just code and content. You don’t have a business, and if you don’t register a considerable number of hits on a regular basis, you don’t even have a marketing tool. But how do you get more people to visit your website?

Firstly, you must ensure your WordPress SEO is top notch as we can’t ignore search engines as the greatest source of traffic on the web. Secondly, you must share (or give your users the chance to share) your content via social networking, which is another great source of web traffic only second to search engines.

In the recent past, we unveiled twenty (20) best social media plugins for WordPress. This second list seeks to build on that post by giving you an additional twenty (20) plugins to spread your content like wildfire across social media. Don’t forget to start with a social media strategy to get the best results. That out of the way, here are twenty (20) awesome social media plugins for your current or next WordPress project. Enjoy!

VIVO Live Tweets WordPress Plugin


Boost engagement on your website using the Vivo Live Tweets WordPress Plugin that allows you to embed tweets on your website based on location, hash tags (search terms) and user tweets. This plugin can come in handy especially if you have a news site that might benefit greatly from trends and channeled tweets.

Features at a glance are easily customizable, fully responsive, set number of tweets to display, compatible with major browsers, shortcode functionality, and it’s easy to use. Vivo Live Tweets has a great buyer rating of 4.75/5.00 and retails at $16 bucks only.

jQuery Facebook Wall WordPress Plugin


This plugin is the Facebook equivalent of Vivo Live Tweets only with a few more features. For instance, the jQuery Facebook Wall WordPress plugin allows you to put albums, photos, feeds and events among other things on your WordPress site easily.

This social media plugin ships with amazing features such as beautiful CSS animations, responsive design, multiple page feeds support, Facebook light box for photos, comment and like buttons as well as over forty (40) other options. jQuery Facebook Wall WordPress plugin sells at $17 and has an impressive buyer rating of 5.00/5.00.

Easy Social Metrics Pro WordPress Plugin


Once your social media strategy starts paying off, you’ll need a social metrics solution to monitor how your content performs on social networks. This is where Easy Social Metrics Pro for WordPress comes in.

This social media plugin is easy to install and use, comes with a great dashboard, collects data automatically and then provides detailed reports that allow you to track your content on up to twelve (12) major social networks. Easy Social Metrics Pro for WordPress plugin comes with other features including a widget to display your top social posts. The plugin is relatively new (published on 2nd September, 2014), so it’s not rated yet. Customers are saying great things about the plugin though. This plugin will set you back $28 only.

Sossy – Social Profile & Counter For WordPress


Did you know showing social proof can boost user engagement and social activity on your website? After generating traffic from search engines, social media or elsewhere, you should shoot for engagement, and Sossy gives you just what you require. Here is a quick video demo:

Sossy is best known for the following features: fully responsive meaning your social counters will look good on any device, unlimited social profiles, drag and drop, shortcode functionality, unlimited display options (i.e. you can display Facebook Likes, Twitter followers etc), cache functionality to reduce page load time and much more. Sossy social media plugin for WordPress was created by Phpbits, has a great rating of 4.80/5.00 and sells at $14 bucks only. Great investment for your WordPress site.

Social Network Tabs For WordPress


From Design Chemical, the elite author of WordPress Social Stream, comes yet another powerful WordPress social media plugin that helps you to “…combine all of your favorite social network profiles and feeds into slick slide out or static tabs.” And you have plenty of room to create amazing tabs since this plugin supports sixteen (16) social networks and up to sixty-nine (69) feed types.

Others features include AJAX fast loading, shortcode functionality, flexible positioning, easy to customize, drag and drop interface and full documentation just to mention a few. With about 4,000 sales and a rating of 4.53/5.00, we can conclude Design Chemical is committed to excellence and quality. Social Network Tabs for WordPress goes for $14 bucks but the plugin is worth every penny.

Simple Social Inbox WordPress Plugin For Facebook, Twitter & Google+


Take your WordPress social media marketing to the next level with Simple Social Inbox, a WordPress social media plugin like no other. Developed by dtbaker, an elite author by the way, costing just $18 bucks and with a great buyer rating of 4.33/5.00, Simple Social Inbox gives you the ability to share blog posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with a single click right from your WordPress admin area.

On top of that, you can track the performance of your social links and reply to social messages (comments, tweets, etc) from your WordPress dashboard! How cool. dtbaker poured creativity and genius into this social media plugin as you can see in this video:

According to the author, Simple Social Inbox is a great alternative to Hootsuite. The fact you can enjoy hootsuite-like features right in your WordPress dashboard makes this plugin the more exciting. Shout out to dtbaker for creating a truly unique social media plugin for WordPress even though it supports only three (3) social networks at the time of writing.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin


Since launching in 2010, Pinterest has grown so much as a board based social network as well as a source of traffic. As a matter of fact, Pinterest competes favorably with the likes of Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube in terms of driving traffic. You need to tap into this huge source of traffic and the Pinterest Automatic Pin plugin is exactly what you need.

This WordPress social media plugin gives you the power to pin unlimited images to your Pinterest boards automatically. You can even pin your featured images (or the first image in each post), bulk pin multiple images and link pins to your posts. Automatically. Just install the plugin and your work is done.

Pinterest Automatic Pin plugin supports WooCommerce (pin your product images automatically), custom posts types, category-based pins and custom taxonomies among others. The plugin ships with other features not mentioned above as well as free support. Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress plugin has over 1,200 sales, a great rating of 4.30/5.00 and sells at $15 bucks only.

DITTY Twitter Ticker WordPress Plugin


This is more of an add-on since it requires the Ditty News Ticker (free) to work. That aside, you can use Ditty Twitter Ticker to create multiple Twitter feeds for your WordPress site. With a multitude of options, this plugin allows you to display your feeds in a list, rotator, scroller or widget. You can create a feed of tweets from multiple Twitter accounts and product names. Ditty Twitter Ticker has a superb rating of 4.33/5.00, has been purchased over eight hundred (800) times and costs just $7 bucks.

Social Payments WordPress Plugin


Many developers have built WordPress social media plugins that allow users to “pay” with a like, tweet or +1 to see restricted content. However, only a few of those plugins can match the elegance and ease of use that come with the Social Payments WordPress plugin by Butterfly Media.

Social Payments is compatible with major browsers, WordPress 3.9 and allows for total customization. Additionally, the plugin supports shortcodes so you can add your social payment icons wherever. It’s great, you have to see the plugin in action to believe. This relatively new plugin sells at $18 bucks only.

Instagram Theatre WordPress Plugin


Are you active on Instagram? If you find yourself posting pictures to Instagram several times each day, you can pull and display them on your WordPress site easily and with style using the Instagram Theatre plugin. What’s more? The plugin will help you to up your Instagram game if you’re lagging behind.

Instagram Theatre allows you to create beautiful Instagram galleries/portfolio on your WordPress website without much effort. Several layouts are available to you including list, grid and full screen. The plugin is fully responsive, has a buyer rating of 4.3/5.00 and sells at $14 bucks.

Social Locker WordPress Plugin


At times, no matter how great your content is, people just won’t click social buttons as often as you would like. How about getting people to “pay” with a like, tweet or Google +1 to access your most valuable content? Social Locker for WordPress is a beautifully designed social media plugin that helps you to boost the social performance of your website, gain exposure and build a community of followers easily and quickly. Social Locker for WordPress has been purchased over 3,600 times, has an impressive rating of 4.68/5.00 and retails at $24.

Funny Facebook Popup WordPress Plugin


Who wouldn’t use a chuckle once in a while? Laughter is the best medicine, they say, and if you’d like to make your web visitors laugh and boost your social score at the same time, you need this Funny Facebook Pop-Up.

To begin with, the pop-up features the typical Like button and, for comic relief, a Dislike button that is impossible to click. Yeah, it moves on mouse hover. Suffice to say, you can only end up liking the page or closing the pop-up. Either way, you will have laughed. The Funny Facebook Pop-up has a buyer rating of 4.00/5.00 and costs $5 bucks only.

ULTIMATE WP Social Deux WordPress Plugin


With an amazing rating of 4.68/5.00, over 1,700 sales and a plethora of great features, the Ultimate Social Deux is the social media plugin you want driving social activity on your website. Ultimate Social Deux works out of the box, and plays well with other WordPress plugins. Main Features are that the plugin is super fast, fully responsive, includes custom colors, automatic updates, multiple language support, etc. Ultimate Social Deux goes for just $14 bucks.

Socialslider Universal Social Sidebar WordPress Plugin


The SocialSider social media plugin is beautiful to say the least. With over sixty (60) social icons, six (6) color styles and sleek design among other unique features, SocialSider will help you to create a beautiful social sidebar in a matter of minutes. This WordPress social media plugin has a superb rating of 4.9/5.00 and retails at $13 bucks, which gets you great support as well.

ShareIt – Sharable Content Snippets WordPress Plugin


I have made it a habit to laud creativity whenever I see it. Elliot picked an idea and added an edge to shareable content snippets with his unique plugin, ShareIt. The plugin is best known for some great features like it’s ability to share to various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr among others, fully responsive design, multiple alignment options (i.e. place the snippets to the left, to the right or at the center), integration into the WYSIWYG visual editor, custom CSS, FontAwesome icon integration, great support and more. ShareIt has an awesome rating of 4.62/5.00 and costs $14 bucks only.

Jetpack Sharing by


You must have heard about Jetpack by now. This plugin comes with a number of cool modules including Sharing, which allows you to add beautiful social sharing buttons to your content. Jetpack Sharing supports a couple of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and Pinterest among others. It’s easy to install, activate and use. On top of that, Jetpack Sharing module allows you to drag and drop social buttons to arrange them as you would wish. Jetpack has over twelve (12) million downloads and a rating of 3.9/5.00. You will love this sharing module if you appreciate simple and clean design.

Mashshare Social Sharing Buttons Free WordPress Plugin

20-awesome-social-media-plugins-for-wordpress-share-button-mashshare-wpexplorer got social sharing right with their one of a kind social sharing system that sums up and display the total number of shares at the top of every post. Share Button MashShare gives you the chance to replicate Mashable’s social buttons on your website. The plugin loads no external scripts and utilizes caching meaning its uber-fast. Additionally, it’s compatible with all WordPress themes and has shortcode functionality, so you can place the social buttons anywhere you fancy.

FLARE Free WordPress Plugin


After signing up for a Filament account (easy and free), you will quickly learn that Flare comes with a lot of flexible options. For starters, the social buttons are easy to configure and customize. In addition. Flare comes with a great user interface that allows you to create the social experience you desire. You are truly in charge of the social marketing on your WordPress site as Flare will have people sharing your content and following you in no time. This plugin is built with jQuery, supports major browsers as well as Benny.

Social Toolbar Free WordPress Plugin


Organize all your social buttons in a visually-appealing toolbar using the incredible Social Toolbar plugin. In other words, the Social Toolbar social media plugin allows you to add an easy-to-customize toolbar in the footer section of your website. You can customize the toolbar with your own choice of colors (e.g brand colors). The plugin is fully responsive and will help you to drive engagement on your website without getting in the way of readers.

Social Sharing by Danny Free WordPress Plugin


This WordPress social media plugin is brought to you by Danny van Kooten, the guy who developed the popular MailChimp WordPress plugin among other great WordPress plugins. This plugin is fast, flexible and simple. With over fifteen thousand (15K) downloads, an outstanding rating of 5.0/5.0 and a host of awesome features, Social Sharing by Danny will help you to take your social sharing game to a whole new level. Then plugin works with WordPress 3.5 or higher and supports multiple languages as well as shortcode functionality.

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